Blackstone's/UH National Criminal Advocacy Competition

The Blackstone's/UH National Criminal Advocacy Competition will be kicking off in Term 2 and we'll be looking for students from the GDL, LLB or GELLB to try out for the City teams. This is a really fantastic competition which gives you the chance to develop skills you wouldn't normally encounter until your professional legal training. There's a post from a few years ago on the blog that might assist if you want to learn more about it.

We have been reasonably successful in this competition in recent years, getting to the final on several occasions and winning in 2015/16.

Those interested in putting themselves forward for selection need to oppose the bail application on behalf of the prosecution. Please see the brief on Moodle for information on the task: find it under Information in the LLB Organisation and Management module and GDL Central module, and General Information in the GELLB Central module.

Submissions need to go to my colleague Lynne Townley, who teaches on the BPTC course by 5pm on January 8th 2018.

You might find it helpful to consult the Advocacy and Criminal Litigation manuals, available at City's Gray's Inn Library.
Blackstone's Criminal Practice may also be of use (via Lexis) re looking up principles around bail and the Bail Act.

Parts of the chapters from the Advocacy and Crim Lit manuals have also been put up on Moodle for you (same place as the brief).

Emily Allbon -

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