BPTC students: Judicial Review Moot

Dear all,


Lovely to meet so many of you this morning.

As promised, here is the info for those of you interested in being considered for the Landmark Judicial Review Competition team. I slightly got my dates wrong so the situation isn't quite as dire as I thought..our deadline is the 24th.

Worth noting that anyone in the team would need to be available on Saturday 12th October which is when the first round of the competition will be held. So...see below for the relevant selection problem. We would like you to:

  • Submit a skeleton argument to us by 6pm on Sunday 22nd September. Remember that your skeleton argument should be a work of written advocacy not an academic paper. It should not be longer than 2-3 pages.
  • Email it to : Sandhya.Drew@city.ac.uk
  • Late skeletons will not be accepted.
  • All students should note they are for the Claimant and that the advocacy is at permission stage.

We also need a few paragraphs from you on why you're interested in planning and environmental law.

We'll then let you know by 9pm that evening if you have been shortlisted. Those shortlisted will be invited to present 6-8 mins of oral argument based on your skeleton argument on the afternoon of the following day. This will be at a time to be fixed between 1-6pm.


R (on the application of the National Union of Students) v SLC University plc


Under the terms of the (fictitious) University Expansion Act 2009, the Secretary of State for Education may grant university status to such organisation as she sees fit.

In exercise of that power, the Secretary of State grants university status to SLC University plc, a private sector company.

SLC requires all of its students who register for any of its law undergraduate or postgraduate degrees to sign a contract which includes this clause; 'I accept that SLC University plc is under no obligation to provide for any reasons for the grades I am given in any assessed examinations or coursework'.

The National Union of Students seeks judicial review of the lawfulness of this clause being included in the contracts that students sign, arguing that it is both irrational and in breach of standards of procedural fairness.

  1. Is SLC University a body amenable to judicial review?
  2. If the answer to 1 is 'Yes', does the NUS have standing to pursue this claim? 




Look forward to seeing your applications, and I will be in touch again regarding:

  1. Other moot competitions, as and when they come up; and
  2. Introductory workshops/talks on mooting


Enjoy your first week!



Emily Allbon -

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