European Human Rights Moot Court Competition

Please look at the problem for the competition before reading the task below:

You are acting as counsel for Ms Maya Engel in proceedings brought by Ms Maya Engel before the European Court of Human Rights against the government of Artemidia.

Draft a brief skeleton argument (max. 1000 words) in support of your submission that both criminal proceedings initiated by the applicant at the domestic level and the 2017 Anti-discrimination Act (in conjunction with the Constitutional Court Act) are inconsistent with the applicant’s right to protection from discrimination as well as her right to an effective remedy under the European Convention of Human Rights.

Deadline is 12th October @ 3pm. Please email to

Please note that BPTC/LPC students are not permitted to enter this competition, nor is any student who has previously 'been engaged in the professional practice of law other than a work experience'. See rules for more clarification on this. 

Emily Allbon -

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