European Moot Court Competition selection

In order to be considered for this moot you will need to prepare a literature/case law review under a number of headings. This will need to be presented in a numbered format and using the OSCOLA method of referencing. You can find guidance on this via the OSCOLA website

Under each heading, you will need to list 5-10 journal articles (only from EU law specialist journals*, not UK ones) or chapters from books, as well as 5-10 cases.

  1. On application EU Charter of Fundamental Rights to EU public procurement law
  2. Relationship between EU sanctions and EU public procurement
  3. EU public procurement & third countries
  4. Relationship between EU data protection and EU Common Foreign and Security (CFSP) sanctions regimes
  5. Institutional balance and EU law
  6. Transfer of EU personal data to third countries
  7. Legal standing & EU law
  8. CFSP implementing decisions & EU implementing decisions
  9. Public contracts, national security and EU public procurement
  10. Sanctions regimes, misappropriation of funds, public office holders
  11. Article 267 TFEU procedure generally
  12. Article 267 TFEU theory as to sanctions, third countries, CFSP

*This may include the Common Market Law Review, European Law Review, European Law Journal, European Public Law, Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies, European Journal of Legal Studies…but the list is not exhaustive!

Please send your entries to by the end of the day 9th October 2017

Emily Allbon -

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