GDL & City Scholars Moots: Finalists announced

Well done to everyone who competed in last night's moots - judges reported so many outstanding performances to me.

Thanks to Gemma McNeil Walsh (Court of Appeal), Lara Hassell-Hart (4 Stone Buildings), Matt Sellwood (Deveneux) and Ryan Hocking (Hardwicke) for judging.

Those who will be competing in the finals at the Supreme Court as follows. David Allen Green, the lawyer and law and policy commentator at the FT will be judging and setting the problem (see his excellent blog). Problem and roles out shortly! 

City Scholars

  • Joshua Clayfield
  • Monica Kiosseva
  • Cristina de Souza
  • Ozge Gorur


  • Hannah Nielsen
  • Jessica Franklin
  • Rachael Sanders
  • Odette Chalaby

Spectators will be permitted at the finals - will send an email shortly confirming.

Emily Allbon -

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