National Moot Team selection

You should all have received an email with an attachment entitled 'Mooting opportunities 2017-18' which lists not only the competitions we are due to enter this year, but also how you put yourself forward for consideration.

For the general moots (ones which happen in the UK and usually have a different subject area for each round) we're looking for people for the following competitions:

  • OUP/BP National Mooting Competition
  • The ESU Moot
  • UKLSA (iMac Digital) Moot
  • London Mooting League

There will be other moots which come up during the year and I will have chosen reserves during my selection process to step up for these occasions.

Competitions take place throughout the academic year and usually consist of 3 or 4 rounds depending on the organiser. Participation in these competitions gives you useful public speaking experience in a formal setting and provides opportunities for networking. However, before you apply, consider the commitment involved in a mooting competition and the tight deadlines you will have to operate under (at the same time as your university work/pro bono).

As you'll have seen from my email, to apply to represent City in one of these moots you need to do the following:

  1. Take a look at the problem sent to you by email: Haskell v Cleaver
  2. Select on whose behalf you are appearing (appellant/respondent) and write a one-page skeleton argument on either ground of the problem. If you’re feeling brave you can do both but remember the one-page limit.
  3. Write an extract from your ‘speech’ on the moot problem (the extract must not be longer than a paragraph, and should focus on one specific part of the submission.

Deadline 3pm on the 9th October - 2 copies in hard copy given to the Law School office, Innovation Building.

Those of you wanting to be considered for the London Mooting league need to have this done by 2pm on Tuesday 3rd October. If not successful you will be considered for the other opportunities along with others who submit on 9th.

Emily Allbon -

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