Results of the GDL Moot

The long-awaited final of the GDL Moot happened on 2nd July at the UK Supreme Court.

Finalists were: Madeleine Miller, Edward Grigg, Thomas Saunders and Charlotte Dunn.

The judge Tom Mitcheson QC commended all on their excellent advocacy and said he would welcome any of them in Chambers as pupils. Each showed skill in both content and procedure but Madeleine stood out for her passionate and clear advocacy of a legal case that was hard to defend (and which the judge ultimately did not accept!).

Edward was described as the most fluent advocate, such that he would make ‘reading the telephone book’ sound good. Thomas was brimming with arguments but needed to boil it down to a main message. For Charlotte, leading off was hard because there was nothing to bounce off at the outset. She might have been better to make a strategic choice to lead with a direct attack on the old rule in Foakes v Beer [1884] UKHL 1, which the learned judge ultimately decided should be abolished!

Winner: Madeleine Miller

Runner-up: Edward Grigg

Emily Allbon -

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