Results Round 1

Thanks to everyone who got involved in this first round of the internal mooting competition. Below are those who have got through to the second round.

City Scholars Moot

Normally this moot has only 3 rounds (so 16 going through to R2) but I've been encouraged by some of the feedback from judges on how hard some of those participating had worked for this so I've decided to extend it to 4 rounds in order to give more practice opportunities for LLB and GELLB students.

These are the students who were selected initially:

  1. Anastasia Shchetinina
  2. Tiffany Fok Tong
  3. Priya Sohanpal
  4. Amaney Ehtash
  5. Jade-Amanda Laporte
  6. Dilan Bikim
  7. Uma Koshi
  8. Rajas Chitnis
  9. Alaistair Norman
  10. Kimiya Toopchiani
  11. Najma Sharif
  12. Kofi Appiah-Menka
  13. Aksa Ghafoor
  14. Enushka Peiris
  15. Anna Wright
  16. Joshua Lynbeck

Wildcard places were awarded to those who were highly commended and go to:

  1. Shabana Elshazly
  2. Brooke McNeil
  3. Cristina Desouza
  4. Emmanuel Asemani
  5. Nirvan Gopalan Krishnan
  6. Samsam Yasin
  7. Drago Nuic
  8. Dilara Serce
  9. Eidvile Banionyte
  10. Sabrina Khan
  11. Sivadanesh Koveerasingham
  12. Luke Lucas
  13. Raha Ghadaksaz
  14. Sandra Ekpo
  15. Amani Siddique
  16. Luke Schwanke

GDL Moot

  1. Charles King and Flora Curtis
  2. Madeline Miller and Holly Newing
  3. Tadhgh Barwell O’Connor and Fenella Mcluskie
  4. Jessica Clark-Jones and Patrick Armshaw
  5. Arabella Adams and Eleftherios Santikos
  6. Ranulf Outhwaite and Amy Marvell
  7. Sophie Whelan-Johnson and George Mitchell
  8. Georgina Quilter-Wood and Samuel Behrens
  9. William Savage and Guy Bud
  10. Sophie David and Alex Brogan
  11. Julia Wynn and Kyle Johnson
  12. Will Cook and Georgia Rycroft
  13. Rebecca Thomas and Elisa Marra
  14. Henk Soede and Emma Colebatch
  15. Caitlin Harris and Alice Beech
  16. Eleanor Leydon and George Vare
  17. Edward Fyson and Thomas Saunders
  18. Charlotte Dunn and Clarissa Wigoder
  19. William Bordell and Laurene Veale
  20. Daniel Fox and Izabella Arnold
  21. William Spence and Laura Mcdonald
  22. Jakob Reckhenrich and Matthew Scott
  23. Jack Barber and Elena Michael
  24. Ralph Pickering and Jordan Cleary
  25. Conor Monighan and Dionne Boahene
  26. Andris Rudzitis and Alexandra Hampton* (*replacing Sarah Pemberton)
  27. David Ruttle and Laurence Harris

10 Wildcard places were also up for grabs...these have been awarded to those who were strongly commended by judges, despite not making the first cut. Places awarded as follows:

  1. Eno Elezi
  2. Henrietta Boyle
  3. Edward Grigg
  4. Matthew Shore
  5. Emily Mattin
  6. Klara Slater
  7. Catriona Macintosh
  8. Amy Greenberg
  9. Hamish Fraser
  10. Matt Fisher

So...we go from over 100 to 64 for Round 2.

What about the next round?

This will take place in early February and the problem will be released in the new year.

Emily Allbon -

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