Senior Moot Semi-Final schedule

The Senior Moot Semi-Finals

Here's a message from Lynne Townley, who organises the Senior Moot.


Dear Moot Semi-Finalists,

Congratulations on progressing to the semi-finals – the standard in Round 1 was incredibly high so to get this far is a great achievement in itself and thank-you for all the hard work that you put into Round 1 which was very much appreciated by all the moot-judges.

The details of your moot are below.  The moot will take place on a date during the week commencing 1 February 2021.  As before, all moots will take place on Teams.  An invite link for your moot will be sent out by our Administration Team during the week commencing 4 January 2021 (this will also specify the time and date of your moot).

You can contact your fellow team members, opponents, and the moot judges via their City email addresses.

The rules are attached below.  Please note, in particular, rules 7 – 11, in relation to the exchange of documents and the submission period for this round.

The final will take place (again on Teams) sometime during the first two weeks of May. 

In the semi-finals, the judges will confer and select four students to go through to the final.  The results will be notified to competitors by email after all the moots have taken place.  Each moot will last no longer than one hour and arrangements can be made via your respective Student Offices to re-arrange classes in the event of the timing of the moot coinciding with other events in your law school timetables.  

I will be away on sabbatical leave next term – so, in the event of any queries or problems with the semi-finals, please contact who has kindly agreed to co-ordinate in my absence.  I will be returning in time to co-ordinate the final.

All the very best for the remainder of the competition and also for next term.


Best wishes, 




Leading counsel: Ferdinand (Ferdy) Holley

Junior counsel: Alessio Compagnino



Leading counsel: Frank Lawton 

Junior counsel: Sophie George-Moore


The moot judge is: Professor Peter Hungerford-Welch




Leading counsel: Harley Ronan

Junior counsel: Nicholas Leah



Leading counsel: Michael Brooks-Reid 

Junior counsel: Joe Landman


The moot judge is: Professor Peter Hungerford-Welch




Leading counsel: Tom Lambert 

Junior counsel: Charlotte Baker



Leading counsel: Millicent Wild

Junior counsel: Constance Gillespie


The moot judge is: Professor Stuart Sime




Leading counsel: Alicia Lawson

Junior counsel: Robert Ward



Leading counsel: Hugo Murphy

Junior counsel: Katya Pereira


The moot judge is: Professor Stuart Sime


The Senior Moot Rules 2016 (as amended for 2020-1 competition only) 


  1. These Moot Rules apply to the Senior Moot 2020-1 for which, subject to Rule 2 and any specific ruling by the Moot Director, students on the following programmes are eligible, namely BVS (including part-time BVS students), LPC, GDL, LLM and GE LLB.
  1. Al 64 of the available slots for 2020-1 have been allocated.
  1. The 64 competitors will be reduced at the conclusion of Round 1 whereby one winner per Round 1 moot is entered for Round 2.
  1. The 16 Round 2 competitors will be reduced at the conclusion of Round 2 whereby the top 4 competitors will be entered for the Finals in Round 3.
  1. On entry by correct and full completion of an available slot, a competitor will have been informed of the identity of the relevant moot judge. It is the responsibility of each competitor to obtain and use the email details of each relevant judge, co-counsel and opposing counsel correctly and for the proper purposes of the moot in accordance with these Rules and any Instructions or Timetable placed on the Moot Module.
  1. The moot problem will remain the same for each Round.  This is to save time on conducting research.
  1. In respect of each Round, there is a Documents Submission Period which is inflexible.  For the semi-finals this will be between 1.00 pm and 7.00 pm on Friday 29 January 2021 (this is for all competitors regardless of the date of their moot). Note that fully paginated electronic bundles should be submitted for the semi-final. Submissions which are too early or too late are equally out of time. Moot judges are not able to grant extensions. Moot judges are not required to notify competitors as to compliance or non-compliance with the Documents Submission Period.
  1. During the Documents Submission Period each competitor must submit by email in electronic form only to the judge (1) a Skeleton Argument and (2) a  maximum of  5 authorities (meaning cases reported or text extracts) they rely on including any mentioned in the Problem (preferably with passages relied on clearly specified in the Skeleton Argument) and (3) any statutory materials or EU law relied on which must also be supplied by email at the same time but which do not count as part of the limited 5 authorities. There is no set length for a Skeleton Argument and the skill shown in drafting that document is something that the judge may take into account.
  1. During the Documents Submission Period each competitor must submit by email to co-counsel and opposing counsel the documents required by Rule 8 to be submitted to the judge. The relevant email for these purposes is that supplied by the other competitors to the Moot Module, being the City University-assigned student email.
  1. Non-compliance with Rule 8 and Rule 9 without good reason may result in the competitor being debarred from the competition.  Competitors should inform the Moot Director of any non-compliance immediately upon the closure of the Documents Submission Period.  The judge will be entitled to take into account any failure to comply with the Documents Submission on the part of any competitor.
  1. Subject to rule 10, non-compliance with Rule 8 and 9 must be rectified within 48 hours of the expiry of the Documents Submission Period, failing which the competitor will be debarred from the competition. 
  1. This rule is deleted for the 2020 -1 competition [At the hearing of the Moot each competitor shall bring for the judge a suitably paginated Bundle comprising own Skeleton and a copy of any authority or other materials required to be submitted by Rule 8. Competitors are required to use their common-sense about this.]


  1. Where a competitor is debarred, the Round shall, subject to any ruling of the judge, continue otherwise unaffected.
  1. The Rounds take place [ deleted for 2020-21 - in public] online for 2020-1.
  1. No Counsel shall concede a point of law.
  1. In respect of each Round, the judge will hear each competitor in accordance with the following order: Leading Counsel for the Appellant (5 mins opening the facts if so requested by the judge plus) 10 mins; Leading Counsel for the Respondent (10 mins); Junior Counsel for the Appellant (10 mins); Junior Counsel for the Respondent (10 mins). The roles of Counsel will be definitively assigned on sign-in at the Moot Module or thereafter by the Moot Director without obligation to consult with competitors.
  1. The judge may ask questions of each competitor, and lengthy additional time resulting therefrom will, subject to the judge’s ruling, not form part of the assigned address time. Time-keeping is the responsibility of each competitor but the ruling of the judge is final in the event of any disagreement.
  1. There is no right of reply. Counsel must address the judge confined to the notified authorities permitted under Rule 8 and may comment upon the authorities referred to in Skeletons by opposing counsel but must do so during the original 10 mins time allotted for their own address.
  1. [Amended for the semi-final, see above: The judge will at the conclusion of each Round announce which person has won.] The decision is final. The judge is not obliged to supply reasons and will not deliver judgment on the merits of the case. He may in his absolute discretion choose to give feedback on performances to the competitors.
  1. The moot performance criteria for the judge are in his absolute discretion but are likely to include: quality of submitted Skeleton, quality of legal argument, persuasiveness, quality of oral presentation, courtesy to all participants. All submitted Skeletons must be the original work of the competitor.
  1. The dress code for the Moot Finals in Round 3 is formal, meaning suitable for non-robed court appearance. Earlier rounds are also [deleted for 2020-1 -in public] online for 2020-1 and the same dress code advised but not required.
  1. Prizes may be awarded to the Finals Moot Winner and to the Second Place Winner and to the other Finalists.
  1. This Moot does not create legal relations and proceeds on a grace and favour basis. Competitors are expected and required to behave in a courteous and ethical manner at all times.
  1. All matters relating to these Rules shall be finally decided by the Moot Director in his absolute discretion and without any obligation to consult with any person. The Moot Director is entitled at any time in his absolute discretion to change the Moot Rules and /or the Instructions and/ or Timetable and/ or operating terms of the Moot Module including in every case with retrospective effect. The overall benefit of the competition as opposed to the interests of an individual competitor is a primary concern of the Moot Director.
  1. The current identity of the Moot Director will be on the Moot Module. Until otherwise notified on the Moot Module, the present Moot Director for the Senior Moot and for the purposes of these Rules is Lynne Townley.
  1. Competitors are responsible for their own reading of these Rules and may only in exceptional circumstances request guidance from a moot judge or the Moot Director. There is no obligation on the part of the moot judge or Moot Director to respond to any such request.


Emily Allbon -

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