Sign up for the internal moots!

If you're looking for a way to get your first taste of mooting competitively, this is your chance.

Round 1 will take place during the week commencing 6th November and all moots will be judged by my star mooters from recent years who are either now doing their BPTC, pupillage or in practice. They will be able to give you lots of useful feedback.

For the GDL competition there will be 4 rounds, with the final taking place at the UK Supreme Court. For the City Scholars competition there will be 3, possibly 4 rounds depending how many of you sign up. Again, the final will be at the Supreme Court.

Sign up via Moodle:

GDL Moot

City Scholars Moot (LLB/GELLB)

However [AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT] please do not sign up if you are not going to compete - it is very frustrating when individuals drop out at a late stage.

It's not fair on the others in your group who will have to moot as a 3, or worse, a pair, and it means I waste my precious mooting budget on paying judges I don't need. Don't underestimate the time it takes to prepare.

Those people who drop out will be recorded for future reference.

There will be a big introduction to mooting session on Friday 20th October 6pm (A130) and then a series of talks and workshops for the first week back after Reading Week - more to follow on this!

Emily Allbon -

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