Want to take part in a negotiation competition?

We're looking for 4 students to represent City in the National Student Negotiation Competition for England and Wales 2018.

This is open to students from any course - LLB, GELLB, GDL, LPC, BPTC or LLM.


First....take a look at the Negotiation Competition Pre-Selection Task.

Secondly...you can find information about how we mark (and therefore select) detailed below:

The pre-selection activity will be evaluated on the basis of two criteria, as follows:

(1) Pre-competition preparation - law, facts, possible settlement options (10 possible points);

(2) Pre-competition preparation - negotiation strategy and tactics (10 possible points);

In category (1), judges assess the team’s understanding of the law and the facts.This includes:

  • the ability to apply the law to the provided facts and then frame relevant legal arguments;
  • ability to accurately assessed the available options for resolution and any possible ramifications
  • Ability to come up with creative solutions to the problems faced.

A well-prepared team should be well versed in the relevant facts and the law, have a good understanding of a reasonable range of possible settlement options, anticipate the arguments of opposing teams, and show a realistic assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each of the positions represented in the scenario.

In general, category (1) should take no more than two double-spaced sides of A4 with 12 point font.

In category (2), judges assess the team’s preparation for the negotiation itself, including:

  • Selection of a strategy for the negotiation;
  • Relevance of the strategy (or strategies) to the facts provided, the law arising on the facts, any objectives established by the client, and the team members’ negotiating style(s);
  • Rational anticipation possible opposing strategy and tactics;
  • Creativity in approaching the negotiation.

In general, category (2) should also take no more than two double-spaced sides of A4 with 12 point font. 

Both Category (1) and Category (2) of the negotiation preparation task may take the form of a written skeleton, bullet point list(s), table(s), diagram(s) or other methods of presentation as appropriate on the facts.  Selection of an appropriate presentation is an important part of the task.

In the negotiation competition itself, you will receive additional confidential information relevant only to the client whom you will represent.

For purposes of this pre-selection exercise, you should address both sides of the matter rather than aligning with one client or the other.


Proposed solutions must be sensible and either make use of information contained within the provided materials or logically arising therefrom.

Comprehensiveness and precision are equally important, so more text is not always better.

Please send your applications to Ben Robinson and Emily Allbon by 6pm on Friday 19th January.

Emily Allbon -

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