I say, Tell Me More About Mooting At City...

Open to everyone - give it a go!

At City we like to give as many students a chance to moot competitively as we can - we run 4 internal competitions so that even those new to law can get an opportunity to try out their mooting expertise. 

We enter a number of external competitions, both nationally and internationally, and for each competition we choose four students. One pair will moot in round one and the other in round two. If the team progresses further then a decision will need to be made at some point who will be the pair who are selected, and this will be done on the basis of points and performance.

And what happens if we're knocked out first round? In that case the pair who didn't get a chance to moot will be first in line for any other opportunities (e.g. inter-varsity competitions) that come up later in the year.

For those of you new to mooting, there will be a series of workshops run by City Law School alumni who excelled in mooting during their time with us. Watch out for these in the News section. 

For those of you keen to read more about why it's worth having a crack at it, take a look at a piece by one of last year's GDL cohort, Imogen Proud. If you're happier watching something then there's a video of the benefits from a student point of view available too.  

Emily Allbon and Joanne Moss are the Directors of Mooting - Emily deals with all external competitions and the internal moots (GDL and City Scholars). Joanne has responsibility for The Senior Moot. The photo below shows Joanne (left) and Emily (right) with Derek Wood QC at The Senior Moot Final last year. 

Emily Allbon can be contacted at e.allbon@city.ac.uk

Joanne Moss at Joanne.Moss.1@city.ac.uk